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    Good move! He was the most consistent player in our secondary and deserved an extension. Now we can draft his replacement this year and take the year to break him in.

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    I’m starting to get excited that maybe our problem was much more to do with scheme than anything else. We may already have enough decent to good players to compete against the big boys; we might have turned the corner.

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      the new regime re-signing so many of our FAs seems to show you’re right. I always thought we had more talent than our record reflected

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    Good re-signing! Scheme wasn’t so much the problem as much as no pass rush – which was vital to make the scheme viable. No defensive draft picks undermined that philosophy. Mike Smith said that he would play the scheme that best fit his players, and right now that would be a similar scheme to that we ran. Add a stud pass-rusher on the edge (via the draft and cross our fingers), and viola things look better. Mike Smith will then gradually transition to a scheme he prefers. Now Resign Lansanna for depth and good character if nothing else.

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    Good signing.
    Some people have put the knock on Conte for some mysterious reason but I never saw him blow a coverage last year and he was usually in the right place at the right time.
    I also saw him literally give up his body to make a tackle as well.
    I can only see what my eyes see, but we had some CB’s last year who couldn’t play one on one, zone, jam a receiver at the line or misdirect and force a WR to the outside.
    So when you can’t do any of those, where does that leave you.
    Perhaps it was scheme. maybe it was coaching or possibly not enough accountability of the players to the coaching staff.
    Possibly it was the coaching staff itself. With 3 DB coaches there could have been way to many voices to listen to. if they weren’t competent voices, that makes it even worse.
    I do remember that stiff Mike Jenkins saying after the Washington game that the DB’s needed to be more focused.
    I almost screamed when I read that bit of wisdom.
    I had to wonder what more important time was there to be “focused” than in the final two minutes of a football game when your unit has been charged with stopping a QB from taking his team on an 80 yard TD drive to win the game.
    Pal, if you can’t get focused then, you need to start driving a cab for work.

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      Totally agree with you drdneast. The problems in the secondary had to be one of the reasons you cited. Had to be player, coaching or scheme.

      I have a theory that Verner and Banks, both of whom had some previous success in the league, may have been benched for questioning the questionable coaching.

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    I still say coaching was at least one-half our problem in the secondary last year. That is being confirmed by the resignings this year.

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    Not sure they would sign him to consecutive one year “prove it” deals unless it’s because of the concussions. Maybe he’s just one concussion away from retirement? Stabilizes a position of ordinariness. Curious about Sterling Moore’s fate now.

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    I’m surprised. Where are all the haters?

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      OK…I hate this signing…..NO just kidding 76.
      He plays tough. Just hope his noggin lasts the whole season.

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