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    I know this is a day late, I’ve been busy. But does anyone know if the WR from Cleveland has been picked up by anyone yet?? I think his name is Gabriel? He was #18 I think. I thought he played really well against us and had a very good game 4 for Cleveland as well. He seemed very quick and explosive and we had a lot of trouble covering him. He is also a candidate for a return position?? I would love to add him to our practice squad for some extra WR depth. Since we lost Dye, I think we need one more explosive, fast WR on the team to help with the slot position and to help in the return game.

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    His name is Taylor Gabriel. He is on the Falcons’ 53 man roster.

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    Timely answer . Hope it’s right. There are a 100 Taylor Gabrie’ls out there with speed to burn. We used to have a guy like that but he didn’t like NFL contact. You also have to know how to read defenses and then catch the ball reliably.

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    I think J. smith can be a beast if he stays healthy. Very fast first move. Overall I’m very excited about seeing this defense hit the field next week. I just hope we stay healthy because the depth in that Skins game was pretty lame. Go Buc’s!

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    My only concern is depth at DT. The Buccaneers always seem to get hurt by injuries there and it costs them big time. I really DO like what I’m seeing from the DL so far though. But it’s a long season.

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    60 sacks this year. Still smoking my stuff. GO BUCS

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    Agree Garv lets hope this year is different and McCoy and all the backup DT’s stay healthy. If so I think it can be one of best D lines in sacks. Few injuries and could be one of worst. Depth is a real concern.

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    My take on the Alanta game is Atlanta will do a hurry up offense, run and throw deep with those tall WR’s. it’s a must to get a pass rush on Ryan. Go Bucs!

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