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    Cameron fills Lemon’s spot?

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    Well Buc Fans after a great victory it seems now this TE is going to be missed alot. Iam glad Winston bounce back. I hope to watch Tampa and Houston. Its really ashambe that Ryan Mallett is not playing with Tampa this year.It will be a rought game this week. Go Bucs

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    That sucks I didn’t even realize he was hurt in New Orleans. Oh well time for another TE to step up. Also Evansas, Jackson, and Murphy all need to step up even more.

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    The injuries to ASJ and Evans have me concerned with the durability of both players…both struggled with injury last season and have begun this season the same- both have a ton of potential but I’m not convinced these guys can keep up with the mileage this team hopes to put on them..
    Both of them have the feeling of being over before they start- not saying they are done now but I’m not sure how long they’ll be around to play…I really hope I’m wrong- we have high hopes and are invested in their future…

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    Remdonado, Evans missed two games last year with a bad hammy. That’s not exactly warming a cot in a MASH unit.
    Dez Bryant is going to be out 8 weeks minimum with a broken foot, do you think the Cowboys are considering trading him or waiving him because of it.
    Injuries are part of football and very few players are immune from him.
    Chip Kelly is on record as saying every player is going to get injured, it just depends when its going to happen.
    BTW, talk about being invested, the Cowboys just invested gobs of cash in Bryant and now he his his foot is in a cast.
    And how do you know how they feel? “Both of them have the feeling over before they start,” you said.
    Is that you being pompous or your personal negative outlook.
    Personally, I’m not that sold on Jenkins anyway until he puts more on tape.
    He only caught one ball last week and dropped another easy catch.

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      I don’t agree with Cremdonado’s view, but just wanted to say I don’t think he meant the “feel” comment as you’re taking it. You ever heard someone say like “This has the feel of a bad situation”….. I don’t think he was trying to interpret how ASJ and Evans feel, but rather their situation (injuries, although again I don’t think Evans’ situation is comparable to ASJ’s given last year’s production) has the feeling of being over before they start.

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    This team sure likes moving players on and off the Practice Squad.

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    Shock the world Licht, make a bold move. Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman reports Jimmy Graham is “pissed off” and “hates” his role with the Seahawks. Maybe ASJ would like to go home (wink, wink). Not really serious about this fellas, but there is always some truth in jest!

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      ohhhhh – i like that… Licht! get on it! we have cap room right?

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    Another injury prone buc. We sure know how to pick guys with lots of potential who cannot take the abuse in the NFL. Evans better step up. We need him to shine.

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    This means more Luke Stocker, who is a much better blocker and on a week with Watt and Clowney coming off the edge this might actually be a good thing. As long as we can protect against the 3-4 on Sunday, which has been our problem, then Winston will find plenty of guys open.

  10. 10


    Mac, I love that idea. The money the seahawks would save would allow them to get their safety back. They are having cap problems. Wow, we’d become the super dunkaneers with Graham, plus he knows the NFC south. Yeah Licht, make it happen!

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    Not good. ASJ is still developing and hasn’t played 16 games in the NFL yet. I agree with some of the posts above that suggest the Bucs are a little too injury prone. I hope someone in the front office is looking hard at how to address that issue.

  12. 12


    Yes, getting Graham would be a great idea. The ‘Hawks would get rid of their salary cap headaches and give them to us.
    Graham is a “pass catching TE,” not a blockling TE. This is what surprised me about the ‘Hawks trading for him in the first place.
    Lovie doesn’t want TE’s around that don’t know how or want to learn how to block.
    Why do you think Tim Wright keeps getting traded out of here.

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    Luke Stocker was never injured in college yet when he got here he started to get dinged up.
    The only way I know how to address this issue pinkstob is to find a crystal ball which can predict the future.
    Remember what Chip Kelly said, every player is going to get injured in the NFL, it just depends on what type and how long the injury is going to last.

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