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    Arizona behind Tampa Bay? C’mon JonnyG, what’s up with that? Not surprising that the Bucs, Jaguars, Dolphins and Cardinals are near the bottom since those areas are populated by retirees and other assorted transplants holding onto their old “home” team loyalties. How are the Rams even among the 32 since they only abandoned St. Louis this off-season? The televised Chiefs games sure look like the fans support them. Bills and Raiders seem to be on the upswing and have always had a loyal following in spite of their recent lack of success. Bengals have been on the cusp for the past few years, so I can only attribute the lack of fans because of that atrocious uniform. Why aren’t the Browns near the bottom? Many in eastern Ohio are Steelers fans.

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    One of the challenges with this area is that so many people are transplants that still root for their former teams. Folks that have moved to this area within the last decade have little incentive to follow their new team. Even Buccaneer Heaven went out of business. I’ve been a season ticket holder and you can sense the “show me” attitude of the fans. We are wary of cheering too soon because we feel like sooner or later they are going to let us down. Some years it is disheartening to carry a lead into the fourth quarter only to let the defense blow it. Other years the defense plays their heart out but the offense can’t score. I think that with having a franchise quarterback for the first time in our history, if they can produce a winning season, the area is primed to get behind this team. Heck, we’re so desperate that if the team shows promise toward the end of the season you’ll see an up-tick in season ticket sales. For now we are guardedly optimistic.

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