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    I like Kwon because he is a difference maker on the field. It’s hard to evaluate a LB in practice unless they create a splash play because no one tackles anyone to the ground and I didn’t see Kwon make any splash plays while I was at camp. However, I would say he was doing a solid job because I don’t remember any big runs up the gut of the defense. Here are a few more observations from when I was at camp this past Sat.-Mon:
    – L. David did have a few splash plays, including breaking up a few passes and breaking through the line for a huge TFL on D. Martin on Monday. He looks to be in mid-season form.
    – It’s a tough call for me between D. Martin and G. McCoy but when both are completely healthy as they were this weekend I would say G. McCoy is the most talented player on the team. He just does things to O-linemen that no other player at his position in the NFL can do from a standpoint of having such a quick first step. Not surprisingly, he was the player on the D-line that most consistently got pressure on the QB.
    – Of all the rookies Spence impressed me the most. Hargreaves didn’t have any splash plays while I was there and in fact stood out only when he had gotten beat on a play, but it’s not like that happened more than what I would expect for a rookie CB. He looked solidly built and is about where I would expect him to be in his first training camp. It at least answered the question I had in my mind why he wasn’t running more with the 1st team defense yet. Aguayo seemed to miss one kick every day I was out there out of the 4 or 5 he attempted. Besides Spence, no other rookies stood out to me at all, including the FB we got in the 7th round. To me, what Spence did that was special was consistently get pressure on the inside, whether he was doing 1-on-1’s or playing 11-on-11. His speed off the snap rushing to the outside is pretty good, but nothing special and his bull rush is not effective. However, he uses these to set up a swim move to the inside that consistently either got pressure on the QB or created a sack. Personally I don’t care which of a pass rusher’s moves work so long as he gets to the QB when we need him to in a game. Spence looks like he will be a useful addition throughout this season, not just in the future. However, that’s if we get him enough snaps on the field back to back where he can set up O-linemen with his inside move. That will be the challenge because he certainly doesn’t have the size to be a 3-down D-lineman.
    – More observations to come in other articles, particularly the secondary…

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    I am enjoying watching this young man grow. He has overcome a lot. That game against Atlanta, man, especially in light of his brother getting killed, was amazing. I wonder how in the heck he made to the 4th round of the draft?

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