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    The 2016 league year and the free agency period starts Wednesday, March 9th at 4pm. According to OTC, 2016 cap space is 49.46mil, 5th most in the NFL. And I’m here to help them spend it. Lol.

    I have 2 targets for Bucs Free Agency – Defense

    DE Jason Pierre Paul – replaces George Johnson

    FS Taushaun Gipson – replaces Major Wright

    –Defensive End

    Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, Giants, 27

    I know the Bucs are more likely to go with DE Charles Johnson as they have already invited him to visit Tampa, but I like Jason Pierre-Paul.

    JPP managed just one sack in the eight games he played in 2015. Those who didn’t watch him will believe that he was ineffective, but that’s not true. JPP put lots of pressure on opposing passers. His hand issue played a part in his deficiency in run support and forced the Giants to play him on the left side, but Pierre-Paul will continue to serve as a dynamic pass-rusher.

    JPP is one surgery away (which he has successfully completed) from getting rid of the club and wearing a prosthetic glove that will allow him to put his hand in the sand at RDE which is his natural position. He is young, has something to prove, and is still going to be a beast!

    JPP could be the top free-agent steal in the suddenly crowded DE market. He may also be the biggest risk. NFL.com is now reporting that JPP is open to a one-year deal at the right price. Somebody is going to offer a long-term contract with one year guaranteed and stepped performance incentives. I’m willing to take that chance with the 3 finger discount, of course!

    Free Safety

    –Tashaun Gipson, S, Browns, 26

    Normally one of the NFL’s better safeties, Tashaun Gipson was hindered by an ankle injury all year. He struggled as a consequence, but should be able to rebound in 2016. Despite Gipson’s injury-marred season, the demand will still be high for a ballhawking safety who’s intercepted 13 passes over the past three seasons — one of the highest totals in the NFL during that span. For comparison’s sake, Patriots’ safety Devin McCourty, who signed a lucrative free agent deal last offseason, has totaled four picks in his last three seasons. He’ll turn just 26 in August. The Bucs need play makers in the secondary!

    *Analysis courtesy of WalterFootball and other rating agencies.

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    Macabee- I disagree with your assessment of JPP, I too have watched JPP last yr I own the NFL Package and two TV’s going during games, he was slowed down because of his club he is not able to grab and throw the o-lineman or grab the arm and thrust it forward or effectively slap the shoulder on swin and rip or counter club move when you will need both hands in grabbing and pulling the OT’s arms. How do I know this? I played D- line for yrs. It’s a fact you can’t be very effective with one arm it limits what you can do, one sack is very telling in 8 games, pressure yes can be good but if you really got consistent pressure they will result in more sacks

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      FYI- JPP only sacks was a coverage sack vs Cam Newton when Cam held the ball to long

    2. 2.2


      Ok to disagree Jon. But if you read my post or Google JPP you will see that the club is gone – the impediment on which you base your disagreement. He is also going back to the right side where he previously earned two pro bowls. I know he’s a long shot for the Bucs, but I still like him for the right money!

      1. 2.2.1


        But how effective can a guy grab with two fingers and a nub?



          Why do you want to take away one of the man’s fingers? He has 3 perfectly good fingers and missing the tip of his thumb. You should want to provide opportunities for people with disabilities. That’s cold Jon! lol.



            Your being very kind when describing his hand when you see the pics you see two good fingers (pinky and ring) that look healthy the others are mangled or gone and pretty much useless

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    FYI- JPP only sack was a coverage sack vs Cam Newton

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    The overall object of FA is to improve your ball club, so could one of you people out there who don’t want to resign Martin tell me logically how the Bucs will be achieving this goal by letting Martin walk out the door.
    With $50 million in unused cap money and more on the way with the projected release of SLB Bruce Carter, the organization certainly isn’t hurting for money.
    Please don’t throw out the argument that he was injured for two years either. Gerald McCoy has been injured often and it didn’t prevent them from resigning him to a big multi year deal.
    The answer seems simple enough. The Glazer boys are looking to maximize profits through the team much like Hugh Culverhouse did and Bill Bidwell used to do with the Cardinals until his son took over.
    You can’t run an NFL team like a trailer park or a Hooligans restaurant and expect to contend for a championship.
    To further prove my point, the St. Pete Times today released a story today saying the Bucs weren’t looking to sign any high priced FA’s. In fact every player they mentioned being interested spelled cost saving and cheap.
    I will continue to support my Bucs, but not financially as long as this philosophy is carried out.
    Instead, ater 35 years as a season ticket holder, I will sadly relinquish my seat tickets and watch the games on TV.
    If not available on TV, I will pick a ticket up for half the price on StubHub or somewhere else.
    I will no longer directly support the Glazer boys Hugh Culvehouse philosophy of running an NFL organization.

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    drdnest- I whole heartedly agree with you, we just saved an additional 10 mil with releasing Carter and Mankins retirement, there is no reason not to sign Martin to market value contract. The guy played exceptional when not hurt last yr averaging 4.9 yds a click and 1,400 yds this whole “he gets caught from behind stuff is funny, you mean after he runs for 50 yds he gets dragged down, yeah, lets get rid of him, lol stupid statement. Fans are complaining about not wanting to pay him 8 mil and rather give him 5 mil a yr like 3 mil is going to set this organization back with a 3 mil difference when your 60 under the cap. This whole Martin thing pisses me off and the fact fans don’t even appreciate the fact we have one of the better backs in the league is more disturbing its like they don’t deserve to have such players. I laugh every time I hear we “we can just draft another rb in the draft” like that’s a homerun every time, look at the rb’s drafted in the first round and see how risky the proposition is, not to mention we will just be “trying” to refill a position we are already great at and have major needs on defense that won’t be addressed. If we let Martin walk, after 31 yrs of being a Bucs Fan I may finally walk the plank and take Drdnest advice and become a fulltime Cardinals Fan at least they have a fricken clue how to run an organization

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    As far as new FA signings, I will trust in Licht’s staff to do a proper assessment and decide who will work best with the team.

    As for our homegrown players…Martin, Moore, and Conte should all DEFINITELY be resigned. Martin had another breakout season last year and both Moore/Conte proved to be among the most consistent players on our defense.

    Lansanah should also be given another contract. Especially with his low price and the release of Carter, Lansanah is a great value to us.

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    I feel like Zach Shapiro formed his opinion of Jankins by looking at his raw stats page. Jenkins was very bad last year a lot of the time. The same has been true for most of his time in the league. Guy gambles a lot and regularly gets toasted as a result. Hard pass.

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    Fortunately for you jongruden, Bill Bidwell now longer runs the Cardinals.
    I can’t remember whether Bidwell died or he was put out to pasture, but the team has improved immensely since he left and his son took over the team with a different philosophy.
    I actually penned that post before it was announced Mankins retired. Now, as jongruden noted the Bucs are over 60 million under the cap.
    It is simply absurd the Bucs won’t resign the second best RB in the NFL and it smacks of the Glazer boys being cheapskates.

    Mark my words, if the Bucs don’t resign Martin this year, it is a big loss

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    drdneast: Your total disdain for anyone who has had some financial success in life is bordering on ridiculous. It’s a wonder you don’t attack the players who make a fortune playing a game. Free Agency hasn’t even started yet and you are waiting in the weeds, or should I say hiding under a bridge, waiting for some nugget for you to call the Glazers “greedy” or cheapskates”. How many times in the past have the Glazers over-paid to sign free agents who failed to perform as anticipated? You know the names and their lofty salaries. One was just released by the Redskins. Did you happen to notice the other NFL teams releasing players? Have you seen any big signings? No, because the process has barely begun. I’m not a fan of free agency to build a team and I’m sure the Glazers are a bit weary. Aren’t you cautious given the multitude of past failures? At least wait until they veto Licht’s desire to pay a player commensurate with with his talent to improve the team before attacking them. We’ll miss you at the games.

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